Smart Brewer is a collaborative online tool to help aspiring Brewers brew great beer.

Why Use Smart Brewer???

Inventory: A user can build their own inventory on Smart Brewer from hundreds of available ingredients. This inventory can then be used to search Smart Brewer recipes containing some or all of your inventory. The advanced search can be found here. Of course, inventory can be completely optional as well.

Recipes: Users can add/delete/modify/copy any of the recipes on Smart Brewer. All recipes require certain valid components before they can be added to Smart Brewer. Additionally, each recipe has calculated Original Gravities, Calculated Bittering Units and Calculated Efficiency based on the components of the recipe. These numbers are generated by functions within Smart Brewer. This eliminates the need to do math when calculating a recipe size.

Tools: Smart Brewer provides a number of helpful tools for the brewer here. In addition a glossary can also be found here.

Development: Smart Brewer is always improving. Please see the revision log for the latest changes.

Free: Smart Brewer is completely free.

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