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Brewers Friend SRM Calculator

Calculates beer color in SRM. Tells how light or dark your home brew will be based on the amount and types of ingredients. Uses Morey’s Formula.

Grimmy's Beer Math

Useful website for common equations to calculate Standard Reference Method (SRM), International Bittering Units (IBUs), Required Yeast Cell Counts, Alcohol by Weight, Alcohol by Volume, Hydrometer Temperature corrections and more.

HomeBrewTals on SRM

"It has been well documented that beer color is not a linear scale. So why try to relate Malt Color Units to an estimated SRM by a linear equation? I propose a power equation would better approximate the color phenomenon."

Pro Brewer

Quote from site, "A resource site serving all trades of the specialty beer business. Within the pages of ProBrewer.com, you will find numerous tools and materials to assist you in your endeavors within the beer business, from the technical side of brewing to sales and distribution - and everything in between."