Rest Calculator

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Calculate the amount of boiling water you need to raise
your mash to the next rest temperature.

Weight of Grains (lb or kg)

Mash Thickness (qt/lb or liters/kg)

Current Temperature (deg F or C)

Target Temperature (deg F or C)

Units of Measurement: American Metric


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...if you use room temperature malt and determine the water temperature needs to be 162 F (72 C) to hit a mash temperature of 150 F (66 C) and you come in at 148 F (64 C), use hotter water the next time around. As long as your malt and mash tun are at room temperature (or your mash tun is always pre-heated to some temperature) and you know the ratio between water and malt you can empirically determine an off-set. My rule of thumb for infusion is to add 12 F (7 C) to the desired mash temperature to determine water temperature. This assumes a 3:1 ratio between malt and water and that the malt is at 68 F (20 C).