Strike Temperature Calculator

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Calculate the temperature your strike water needs to be in order
to hit the desired mash-in temperature. Assumes your brewing for 5 gallons,
with basic mash-tun cooler.

Mash Thickness (quarts of water/lbs of grain or liters of Water/Kgs of grain)

Desired Strike Temperature (deg F or C)

Temperature of Grain (deg F or C)

Units of Measurement: American Metric

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Or.... if you want to calculate it yourself:

Ts = Td + (.192 * (Td-Tg)/Gr)) + 3

    * Ts = Final Strike Temp
    * Td = Desired Strike Temp
    * Tg = Current Grain Temp   
    * Gr = Grain Ratio
    Notes: .192 is the "water equivalent" or volume of water whose heat 
           capacity is equivalent to that of a given mass/weight of grain 
           based on specific heat of grain being 0.4
           3 is the temperature added to account for heat loss during transfer
           or put more succintly; the "Fudge Factor" to account for thermal mass lost
           (3 deg for F or 1.7 deg for C)